Monday, 20 February 2012

How To Properly Clean Your Bowling Ball

Balls are tacky because they have a High Coeff. of friction and they are porous. A waxy surface is not doing that. Chlorinated paraffin's are used as plasticizers they may well be used in balls, though I haven't seen them talked about being used in balls. A quick google of it show use in some bowling products so it may be used.

Ok the heating ball debate just keeps going.
It started basically like this. They came out with reactive resin balls they hooked a lot more than urethane. One of reasons they hooked more was the the material drew oil away from the surface of the ball. Do the porous nature of the material.

As time passed the materials used could absorb a lot more oil. Then we started seeing ball death which was mostly do to oil saturation of the coverstock.  So people started trying to get the oil out. They saw the balls sweat in hot cars and got the idea to heat them.

As this went on they started saying that the heat was not just making oil come out. But the "plasticizers" used in the ball material. And if you lost the plasticizer the ball would stop hooking because that's what made it hook.

Well now that's changed now they say the ball stops hooking because the plasticizers, which are migrating to surface of the ball and reducing the hook.( which I would go with the waxy surface here) Plus its getting oil soak too.

The problems with heating a ball is the use of dry heat also its sudden temp. chanes. People bake them in a oven to get the oil out and if your not real careful you'll mess the ball up bad. You'll crack it or warp it or the core will separate etc. There are a couple of machines designed to do it right that proshops have. your oven at home is not one of them.

Oil Pattern : Scorpion Pattern

At 41 feet in length, the Scorpion is one of the more challenging of the five named patterns. While Scorpion is not the longest pattern, because of the large volume of oil on the lane it will for sure play as the “slickest”. The pattern shape is very “smooth” and allows for a multiple-angles approach to attacking it based on rev rate, lane surface, ball surface, and ball speed. Since the volume of oil is so large, bowlers will normally see a large difference in how the pattern plays from lane to lane across the house. The pattern is medium scoring based on its ability to confuse bowlers during early portions of the game or series as they move throughout the tournament. In order to avoid being stung, it is imperative that the bowler make quality shots early in the game in case the Scorpion decides to “mutate”. 2010-11 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tournaments Using Scorpion.
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