Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Best Bowling Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Game

You want to improve your bowling game right? Well if you do then you need the essential bowling tips and techniques to make yourself the most successful at the game. These tips are easy to learn and can improve your game drastically... by dozens of points at least.
Look At The Equipment
If you are going to bowl a good game, then you need the right equipment.
1. You should have a ball that is the right weight for you. Do not have a ball that is too heavy, it will not give you added power. In fact, a lighter ball is better so that you can move it easily during your swing.
2. One of the important bowling tips and techniques is to have bowling shoes that are yours. This is often overlooked but if you can get the right shoes that fit you nicely and won't slip on the alley floor, then you are on the right track.
Getting The Lift and Release Right
These steps will ensure you can get that strike or spare much more frequently.
1. If you are right handed, step with your right foot first. If you do it properly, you should be releasing with your left foot out at the end of the lane.
2. When you are making your stride, aim with the arrows on the floor and with your hand to get the ball going exactly where you want it to.
3. Do not aim for the middle pin, it will only give you a split.
4. When you are releasing the ball, ensure you bend your knees as far as is comfortable.
5. Do not turn your wrist unless you want to create a hook. This is another of the important bowling tips and techniques that are often forgotten.
6. Oil up the ball if you want it to move straight, and leave it dry if you want it to move with a curve.

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